Saraswati Vidya Mandir Law College (SVMLC) Shikarpur, Distt. Bulandshahr (U.P.)

Contemporary Curriculum:


LL.B.-1st Year

1. Jurisprudence K-101
2. Contact-I K-102
3. Law of Tort & Consume Protection Act K-103
4. I.P.C(Law of Crime) K-104
5. Constitutional Law of India K-105
6. Public Inernational Law & Human Rights K-107
7. Environmental Law K-108
8. optional (a) Taxation Law or (b)Legal History K-111 or K-113
9. Progessional Ehtics(Project/Paper) K-710

LL.B.-IInd Year

1. Contract II K-201
2. Hindu Law K-202
3. Muslim Law K-203
4. Administrative Law K-204
5. Company Law K-205
6. Labour Law K-206
7. Transfer of Preperty Law & Easement Act K-207
8. Optional: (a) Banking Law Including Negotiable Instrument Act or (b) Criminology & Penology K-210 or K-213
9. PIL(Public Intrest Lawyering,Legal Aid and Pera Legal Services) (Project) K-810

LL.B.-IIIrd Year

1. Criminal Procedure Code(Cr. P.C.) K-301
2. Law of Evidence K-302
3. Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act K-303
4. Legal Language & Legal Writing K-304
5. Land Laws K-305
6. Optional (a) Women Law and Law Relating to Child or (b) Intellectual Property Law K-308 or K-310
7. Moot Court (Project) K-312
8. Drafting of Pleading & Conveyancing (Paper and Project) K-313
9. Interpretation of Statutes K-314
10. Arbitration, Conciliation and alternate Dispute Resolution System. K-315